Heidi's Musical Gymnastics
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Heidi’s Musical Gymnastics
159 West End
Farragut, TN 37934

(865) 671-4116

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Heidi’s Musical Gymnastics handstand

Heidi's Musical Gymnastics

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From Nadara Albanese

My daughter, Adrienne, was a very quiet, very shy 3 year old who trusted very few adults in her life. After enrolling Adrienne in Heidi’s Musical Gymnastics, her personality changed. “Miss Heidi” very quickly and very easily, connected with Adrienne(as she has done with all of her new students).

“Miss Heidi” has an incredible talent for keeping the most challenging students focused and motivated.. She is extremely patient but also very persistent and has a way of making all of her students feel special and confident. She never gave up on Adrienne and has taught her skills that allow her to be more coordinated and flexible. Most importantly, she has taught her to be a better team player.

Today my daughter is a confident, excited and more outgoing 5 year old little girl who now enjoys the company of other children. I owe much of this to Heidi’s Musical Gymnastics.



From Heather van den Berge

My daughter, Molly, was a student at Heidi’s Musical Gymnastics for over a year. I have been impressed by Heidi’s enthusiasm and creativity with children.

Heidi continually shares new ways to have fun and fill children with a desire to try their best . Heidi is a hidden treasure in West Knoxville.



From Shannon Scruggs

My daughter has been going to Heidi’s Musical Gymnastics for well over a year now. I have been so fortunate to have Heidi as a teacher for my daughter; who is 11 and just started middle school.

Kennedy has excelled in her gymnastics to say the least. She is not just part of the class, Heidi makes her feel she is the class. In other words, Heidi gives that personal touch to each person. They feel just as important as the next. She is very detailed, and breaks every move down to basics, so that they do not hurt themselves, and so that when they do go off and do a back handspring, it looks beautiful.

I was a number one skeptic when my daughter first started. Almost immediately, you fall in love with Mrs. Heidi, and the possibilities are endless. She is a very positive role model, and an outstanding person.



From Kate Evans - Farragut, TN

My 6 year old son has been attending Heidi’s musical gymnastics for over a year and loves it. Heidi provides a low-key, fun atmosphere that allows the kids to progress at their own speed. Each class is structured with a set of tasks including old and new skills that cover balance, flexibility, strength, and probably many other things of which I'm not even aware. She also gives a little free time at the end of each lesson for more practice or just favorite gymnastics-based play. Heidi teaches every class and asks only that they try each skill presented to them. She never makes a skill feel out of reach, but rather builds basic skills into more complex ones over time as the child progresses. My son is excited about class day, because Heidi turns exercise into a pleasure. I wish I could join myself!



From Amanda Sanders children

Benny says "The best thing about my classes is that I get one-on-one attention."

"I want to go to Miss Heidi’s because she loves me," Benny told his mother when asked if he wanted to go to a bigger gym.


Tori says, "Kids are always kept busy, but (deleted big name gym) makes you wait in line all the time. Miss Heidi lets kids work at their own pace."


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