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Heidi's Musical Gym - Children's Gymnastics Program

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Heidi's Gymnastics where fun and learning go hand in hand.
Heidi's Gymnastics
Where Fun and Learning
Go Hand in Hand
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Heidi's Gymnastics Girls Competitive Team

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Heidi's Gym is now offering an exciting entry level gymnastics team for gymnasts wanting to experience the discipline and qualities necessary for competition, as well as the rewards for hard work! In only our second year, we placed #67 in the top 100 USA Gymnastics sanctioned gymnastics schools in the country for our high team score in the Make It Count Spectacular, held in Sevierville, TN, one of only 5 teams in TN. to do so. *   And we continue to improve. In January 2022 we placed #10 in the USA Xcel Bronze level top 100 teams in the country for our team score in the OZONE Invitational, held in Knoxville, TN. And in 2023 we were state champions for Xcel Bronze level competition.

Our goal is to give each gymnast the opportunity to be challenged in a positive, supportive program where she can find success and pride through hard work, and special friendships can be made! Each gymnast will learn how to achieve goals and develop strong work ethics. Our program is Christian based, with our team jackets monogrammed with Philippians 4:13 "I can do all things though Christ which strengthens me." We have a group prayer before we compete.

Xcel USA Gymnastics We are offering the Xcel Program, a broad based, affordable, competitive experience outside the traditional Jr. Olympic program.

Routines are custom made where each child's strengths are highlighted.

Team work is encouraged, friendships are made, and being a team player is emphasized.

Advantages of the Xcel program taught at Heidi's Gym

Knoxville has quite a few big Gymnastic Schools, but did you know our Xcel bronze team has beaten some of the bigger gyms in our category, and we are only one of 5 teams in Tennessee to make the USA gymnastics top 100 schools in February '21... all in only two years since offering competitive level gymnastic in Knoxville?

Bigger is not always better, even in competitive gymnastics. Bigger teams mean more students needed for the teams. This could mean less individualized attention, and inclusion of many girls needed to offset the high cost of big gyms.

If you're in the Knoxville area and want to be a part of a rapidly growing, dynamic Xcel team in east Tennessee, give us a call.

Team tuition may be paid on the payments page.

Some highlights of our program ...

  • 2023 Xcel Bronze TN State Champions
  • We have had gymnasts on America's Top 100 list:
    1 in 2021
    4 in 2022
    currently 7 in 2023
  • Two of our girls received a perfect 10.000 on balance beam, making them not only on the Top 100 list, but #1 on the list.


Coach Heidi

Heidi Heidi has been coaching for over 30 years. She competed in level 10 in southern California, and was California state bar champion. She received a full gymnastics scholarship to BYU and earned a BS in Psychology. She attended graduate school at Antioch College.

USA Safety Certified

How it all started for Heidi ...
Before I did gymnastics I would always do cartwheels and hand stands out side on the grass and anywhere I could find room. I lived right across the street from my grammar school so when school was over I would go over to the play ground and swing on the monkey bars for hours. I had asked my mom for years to put me in gymnastics and finally she did. She enrolled me in the YMCA gymnastics program when I was 12. I absolutely loved my first class and after that first day I never stopped, I was absolutely in love with the sport of gymnastics. It was a wonderful world of adventure, excitement, challenge, learning, dedication, and commitment that I loved and embraced.

Heidi's dream and goals ...
Coach Heidi and SavannahWhen I was in college I would dream of owning my own gym someday. I know GOD put that in my heart and put all the pieces together. Heidi's is absolutely a dream and a blessing from GOD and is built on Christian values/principles of love, honesty and fairness. I want to be a great steward of the gift GOD gave (Heidi's). I don't want to ever look back and think I did not do my best to lift a child's spirits up or encourage them to be the best they can be. My desire / my heart is for Heidi's to be a blessing to all the families that come. I want the kids to have wonderful experiences of joy and memories filled with positive learning, with individual success (each child is very special and unique and I want them to feel proud of what they have accomplished) I want them to gain confidence in their abilities but also confidence in who GOD made them to be. My sincere hope is that I have created an atmosphere of kindness, love, hope and at the same time taught kids how to work for a goal with determination and commitment. I hope these lessons will stay with them and help them as they go onto different journeys in their lives. I cherish all the families that have gone to Heidi's and that are coming to Heidi's.

Favorite Bible verse …
Philippians 4:13 : I can do all things through CHRIST who gives me strength.

Hobbies ...
Cooking, riding my bike, doing crafts, studying about gymnastics.

Heidi has five grown children.

Savannah - Assistant Coach

Savannah Coach Savannah has been at Heidi's Gymnastics for 14 years. Her 14 years of coaching demonstrates her commitment and dedication to the sport of gymnastics, as well as to Heidi's Gymnastics. Her knowledge and passion make her an invaluable blessing to our program. Coach Savannah's natural connection with kids is one of the reasons why she is so successful and is so loved as a coach. Her ability to make kids feel comfortable, appreciated and valued while they do gymnastics at Heidi's Gymnastics has been a true blessing for all the kids.

Coach Savannah did gymnastics for 8 years. Her favorite skills to do were back walkovers, and back handsprings. Her favorite event to coach is tumbling.

USA safety certified

Hobbies ... Working out, singing, and baking.


Contact us about seeing if our competitive program is the right fit for your child!

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Congratulations to the following team members for making the
Xcel Bronze Top 100 Gymnast in the US 2023 List

Xcel Bronze Top 100 Gymnast
Iris Hicks XB 9.925 9.925
Clara Johnson XB 10.000
Gemma Nicoara XB 9.950
Layla Oakley XB 9.900
Lily Ostrowski XB 10.000
Elizabeth Proseanchin XB 9.950
Aveleen Shirley XB 9.900


Congratulations to the following team members for making the
Xcel Bronze Top 100 Gymnast in the US 2022 List

Xcel Bronze Top 100 Gymnast
Teagan Beavers XB 9.850
Raleigh Henry XB 9.875
Iris Hicks XB 9.850
Shelby Pistole XB 9.900 39.075


Congratulations to the following team member for making the
Xcel Bronze Top 100 Gymnast in the US 2021 List

Xcel Bronze Top 100 Gymnast
Aryana Khairollahi XB 9.875



XB 28.900
XS 28.275